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Watching a video by Phil and Alex, who were doing a cleansing detox, made me think that its not just what is inside the body, but for the mind and life too, when life gets too much.

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Spend some time away from your phone: Last Saturday I was watching the rugby and was picking up my phone about 5 to 6 minutes, and annoyed at myself as Saturday’s I like to spend time away from my phone, in terms of checking my emails. watching Youtube and checking Instagram. I do still post at the weekend on Instagram of me to document the time I spend with my son, but I like to have my phone away, and do feel good for that. As my son gets annoyed with me when I am on my phone, and just having that time away can really help your wellbeing and your mind rest, because too much phone usage can make us feel unproductive and lose touch with reality.

Change your routine for some self care: Are you fed up of the same old routine? Perhaps you need to have a selfcare routine and change if you feel like you are procrastinating because you are bored, and so need a new routine so you can spend time having a detox, like putting on some chill out music, whilst you use a face mask and want your skin to glow. Stress can affect the skin, it has been discovered and so it is good to have some selfcare to look after your skin and have no make up days.

Work outdoors: Fed up of sitting at a desk in the same room and the same chair? Time to make changes to this and work outdoors. Of course this can be difficult when it is raining and cold, but once the summer starts to get closer, the temperature will change, and I enjoy writing outdoors, with a coffee and have a picnic for one. If not go to the library to work, or a coffee shop, if you don’t do this all the time and have a different change of scenery. In summer I want to film my videos and change my working space.

Detox your house: Last Sunday I continued doing my March challenge, which is to declutter for an entire month, and having less does feel good, but there is more to do, that I need to put away and have more space and be strong in doing so. The items I like to keep is my notebooks because I use these to plan goals, make notes and my writing of my books, because in case someone takes my idea, and because some books I’d like to go back to, to write. I plan to write more books, and use up what I have got before I spend more on items I don’t need to. I don’t need anymore showering gel, or moisturiser as I have plenty to use, and anything not used I will give to someone else or donate.

Detox your mind: I have already talked about stress and goes with the others, like not using your phone and putting it away, but what an help this too, is exercise and I often if I feel things are getting too much, I will walk as this helps to clear the cobwebs away and helps me go through my thoughts and mindfulness is a great tool to use when walking with no headphones in the ear, but taking note of birds, squirrels and visiting a national park can help clear the mind and be present with yourself and enjoying nature.

Have a financial detox:I like having no spend days and if you didn’t know I did no spend January this year and it was so good to help me balance my money. only getting items I needed, and it feels good not having to many receipts. I want that to be my focus and have a lighter purse without receipts, as they just cause clutter. It has help me spend wisely and stop the impulse buys. It good to have a full bank account and saving. This year I want to pay off my debts, and managed to clear one debt and is good to see my credit card balance going down. Being in debt and cause a lot of stress and so it good to sit down and go through subscriptions you no longer use, and making the money I have last, and see my savings going up.

It is so worth it to detox certain areas of your life when things get to much and feel good about life again and growing positively and being rid of the stresses of it, and have a good balance of home life, work life, and getting in touch with what is around you that can help balance your life to feel good within yourself.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X