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As I continue to declutter and make plans to sort out my belongings, it helps me to value the things I have. Example: a bed for my son for when he comes and stays with me at the weekend, and the desk space I have to write my blogs and books, and for the curtains that black out the light to have a good sleep, and shoes that protect my feet. This helps me not to buy another pair of shoes, a brand new set of curtains, and so I go through it of the items that gives me comfort and peacefulness in my mind and how I feel about myself.

This is not to say I will never buy clothes or shoes again, or have the same curtains for the rest of my life who knows what is destined for us, we never know so being appreciative to what we have already that makes you happy can delete those feelings we get when we want a pair of shoes that sparkle or the latest iPhone, when we know its just more expense and actually what we were already using was enough and then worry because we couldn’t really afford it and the buzz you had in buying the item has quickly gone.

As I wrote this blog I just picked up my gratitude journal and wrote what I currently value down as I love practicing gratitude and being thankful. Look around you and the people in your life, how do they add value and how do you feel around them and others like I wrote that I value the roof over my head and the my everyday trainers I bought from TU Sainsbury’s as they weren’t that expensive and wear them most of the time, because they are so easy and light on my feet. I value the food that is made for me as I currently live with my Mum and step dad and so grateful the space and room I have and so need to value more as I want a more minimal amount of stuff that no longer gives me joy.

It’s following the Kon Marie method of if that item gives you joy or not, and what purpose does it give? My trainers for example help me walk and comfortable and goes with what I like to wear and are practical as my son likes to play sports and I do a lot of travelling and saves me time, and saved me money.


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What does money means to you?

For me it is essential item because I need in order to travel and get from A to B and buy food as some days my mum and step dad go out and not rely on others and to be able to buy stuff for my son and I believe that every penny does count as I would like to give my room a make over and have it more organized, and so it is essential item to live, and respect it for the items it allows me to have.

My dad used to say “That money speaks a difference language” and part of me believe that too. When I worked in accounts if people didn’t get their expenses paid they would get angry about it and would hunt me down, and found tough because it was a lot of work for one person, and felt overwhelmed. Since those days my relationship with money is starting to be good again, as it is hard when you have little and you have bills to pay.

I did get into debt and became reliant on using a credit card and it can be stressful and can really effect how you feel about money but I am to blame and I have had to admit that. Admitting that has helped me to get back on track with my money and stopped me from taking it for grunted and I like to see money saved and can’t wait to pay off my debt and put it behind me. I have already cleared one, so just got one debt which I am getting down, and so money is important and is what we need to survive, but not having a load of stuff that will make us happy for 5 minutes but forever.

When I buy something now I think to myself Do I need it right now? Will it last once its been cleaned and what role will it play in my life. I know I don’t need 30 pairs of leggins, or 100 notebooks, to feel good about life, but enough that will help clothes me, and does it work with what I have got.

What place do it have?

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X