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Thank you once again for liking my blogs on this site. If you didn’t know I am doing a monthly challenge where I am finding deals of items I need for the month and have two new Reset 2023 videos up too, so please check my channel to see them: https://www.youtube.com/@typicallondongal

This blog I am talking about goal ideas to set for spring and I have created a new printable.

When it comes to Spring we begin to have longer days and I find it makes me feel I have more time to do stuff and that means a good spring clean, take on a spring challenge if you haven’t begun challenging yourself. It is all about being SMART which I am sure you have heard before, but is important. example when the weather gets nicer to have a meal outside a local pub or restaurant with friends or join an outdoor exercise class. When my son was a baby I would go to Buggyfit and it such good fun, and it is good to spend time outdoors and not something you don’t always can do in the winter time.

Setting goals for me is important to help me grow and learn. I set them quarterly and make them realistic and reachable. For example: I want to do more runs.

Where would you like to run?

How far you’d like to reach?

So put, build to doing 5km of running and around my local park or common. I do write a sports and fitness blog, see the link here if you’d like to read these blogs too: https://sportsandfitnesspassion.wordpress.com

It is a good season to decide on what you want to let go of and what you want t let into your life now we heading into a new season to start a fresh for the Spring. I am doing more RESTS because I want less and continue my goal for this year, which is not to buy anymore clothes, and concentrate on paying off my Credit card and so where I can save I will. I am continuing on having no spending days too. I feel good not buying things everyday.

I do have a printables page on this site if you wanted to check this page out: New Printables Page

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X