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It is coming up to the end another month of 2023 and I have been going through my finances for this year. and I did a video on my channel My Way of Living, about spending Productively. Check out here: https://www.youtube.com/@mywayofliving1602

In this blog I am talking about Things I want to cut out of my life as I continue this year and want to pay off my Credit card, and plan days to take my son on train trips during the summer holidays. This means being sensible with my money and live consciously, and spend consciously and ask myself “Should I give them my money?” “What difference will it make?” and “Are they worthy of my money?”.

I know a lot of shops like Paperchase for example I closing and I loved that store and was going to buy some items from them and may still do so as I would like to see if I can get a better organized system on my desk and it is cluttered and want it to be clearer.

I want to use what I have got and that is notebooks, clothes, skincare and toiletries and have a clear and get rid of items that no longer have any purpose in my life, like buying certain foods, like crisps and want to lower my sugar in take, and focus on doing long walks again and running.

I am no longer going to spend a lot on fitness equipment because when I was living in Epsom we had a lot of items that we saw on info commercials and now are gathering dust but do use the Crosstrainer that has been put in the living room and want some bands to do my floor exercise, and do want to pay as you go in a gym, when I feel I want to do more, and may think about paying a membership, depending on costs. There are gyms where you can go at anytime like The Gym and Pure gym, but I do also got points from the leisure centre I take my son to, and take him swimming, and so will be thinking about this and if it is logical. As writer this I am asking myself in my head, “What will I get out of it?”.

It is to be around other people not necessarily to know who they are but to see I am not on my own and we all have a reason to be there and I do like the gym environment.

The other things I want to cut out of my life is clothes, I am sure I have spoken about on my blog site: https://carriesversitilefashion.wordpress.com

This is not forever, as I still need clothes, but at the moment I have enough and so this year is a big challenge but one I know I wanted to do, to be wise with money and concentrate on other things, like going out and taking my son up London and would like to go to more shows and take him to watch a rugby match as he is a sports lover and take him to football matches too, so I am enjoying the challenge and will make a difference in how I shop for clothes. “If I don’t need it why have it? “.

Then there is crafting. I was really into making cards and I enjoyed it but no longer got space for those items and so until these items get used and want to give some to my nieces but keep some for my son to do, am I going to buy anymore, because these items can lead to clutter, but keep my stickers sets, it’s different type of paper, and have some use for them.

To make changes in your life you do have to let areas in your life go so you can continue to grow, and it doesn’t have to be long time but for now. “What is important to me now?”

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Carrie X