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It is hard when there is a tension between people, because it can cause a bad atmosphere for everyone. When you feel that the world is against you, you can lash out, and even you don’t know why.

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The way I see it now is that, do you want that be the last memory you have with that person? It can be too late. I never got to see my dad in the end and it taught me that no matter of what has gone on, you have to build the bridge again between you and them and often we can forget what the issue was that caused the break in the first place.

It is important for my son, because he will now never get to meet him and it brings me sadness, that he knows about him. I wished I could have had that time back, but once someone goes what is left? Anger, resentment, what you could have done, what you couldn’t do, etc etc. Yet I have shown pictures of him to my son, to help with the memory of him and so if you have had family or even friends that you have fallen out with, which you wished never happened, it is time to rebuild and whatever happened forgive and forget.

Of course if they have done something terrible then that is different like physical harm and I am writing a book at the moment called When Mothers Are Real and it is about a lady called Lesley who was abused as a kid and now her mum wants to build a good relationship because can you forgive? This is no reflection of my life, as I had a good childhood, accept at school, but many children aren’t that lucky and are hurt by their parents or other guardians everyday.

Nevertheless if it was an argument and its just escalated to not seeing each other, ask how important is this person in your life? How do you feel when you don’t go out with them anymore? What did they bring to your life?

Some people may have a illness that they worry about telling anymore and be the cause. So sitting and talking to them can do wonders and listening over a coffee or tea, or any drink but understanding what actually happened. It is important to let the dust settle, but not to leave it too long, get in touch and be the one to make the first move and remove the bridge that caused the break in your relationship and rebuild the foundations so it can grow positively and whatever happened is laid to rest.

Thank you for supporting this blog site and the feedback is amazing and lets work together to happier in ourselves and love the people we have in our lives and be happier so no tension is there again.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X