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When I worked at a Holiday Camp back in 2002 to 2005 was told when working in the Residential Catering Department working with the chefs, that a sandwich should taste good from the first bite to the last and life for me should be like that too. How you feel when you wake up can affect you when you go to bed, whether it has been a good day or bad day.

Routine: I live by a routine and one day a week I will go for a run, or do a workout indoors or later in the day by using a Crosstrainer and has made a massive difference and had reminded me of how much I have missed it and exercise in the morning really wakes me up. There are days when I don’t because I need that balance, but I make sure, if I don’t workout indoors or running I at least do some walking. Each day I have to have my first cup of tea and some breakfast. I make my bed except Saturdays because I am out with my son and wants to play as soon as it he gets up, I know say it “It shouldn’t make a difference and can save play until I have made the beds” This will be changing. I don’t feel right too if I don’t have a coffee at least one and make sure I hydrate throughout the day. Very important to me. I do have a bedtime routine too, whereby I will plan the next day using my diary I keep on my desk, my Reminder APP on my phone and on OneNote. Then I will take my medication that helps me sleep and then read, and if my mind is starting to come active again, and I do have a overactive mind, usually at bed time, I will get up like this evening and empty my mind, onto paper or on a blog, before the idea goes out of brain and forgotten by morning.

Rhythm : I have to have a good rhythm, to push down anxiousness I feel growing inside me each day and that I have quiet time aswell being super productive and have that time to myself. On Sundays I love getting outdoors with my son and go for a long walk and he will count the door numbers as we walk and enjoy the fresh air and love the peace, especially when we walk along the river. It is so nice to just let our feet travel while we take in what is around us. We will look at the different wildlife we see, like the birds, squirrels and ducks and watch trains as they go passed and just enjoying our surroundings.

Family time: It is good to spend time with family and so we all today as I continue to write this blog spent time watching the Rugby o the TV, along with a nice roast dinner and when my son goes home, which this week he is staying with me, but will make sure I have tidied up. I am still going to do this but when my son is at a school holiday club and going to do a total reset this week whilst he is there and doing a reset. THIS WILL BE FILMED!

Food: I know, I have already talked about this one, but having a good meal in the morning, through to the evening really good to fuel and I love dinners and is my favourite meal of the day and so make sure I am hungry to have dinner and am thankful that I don’t have to cook each day as I live with my Mum and step dad, but if they are out then I will buy food for myself, and try to use what is already indoors that I can have. I love leftovers so I do take advantage, and never rush but eat making sure I food is properly digested.

So how do you like to start the day and end it? You can leave a comment below.

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Carrie X

Typical London Gal