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Being the week of a UK school holiday (so kids are off from school: February 2023) and my son is at a holiday club called Youngstars I planned the week before of what I will be doing whilst he is at the holiday club. Today I did a reset and went through my make up and toiletries cleaning the shelf I use to store these items, I then cleaned the skirting boards, went through my son’s books and vacuumed and went for a walk as I needed some bread and sat in a local park whilst listening to music and then came back, and worked on my EBook called How I like to live, and updating it and make it into a bigger book and worked on my new Novel When mothers are real and now watching Gillian Perkins on Youtube where this idea of this blog post was created.

Photo by Thirdman on Pexels.com

Sorry if that tires you out, this blog is not supposed to cause fatigue or make you feel like you haven’t done anything, but it is possible for everyone and who has kids off from school too, and when we get some hours to ourselves.

This is no way showing off, as you should have seen my room, it was a mess and could have easily gone back to bed, but no, there was no time like the present. So I chose today whilst I had the chance and more in the next two days. Time is precious and if I don’t do it today, when will it get done? This is a question I ask myself a lot when I think of others things I could of be doing. This question stirs me on to get my stuff together. I don’t like living in a mess, and I know if I was in bed I know that guilt of not doing anything would sink in, and then comes my negative thoughts, so being productive helps with my thoughts and anxiety.

Now being 2023 there is a lot of resources like different cleaning products and organizing digitally and using APPS, but lots of these new items come with cost and how functional are they? I could put it all on Notion, which I did use but already had OneNote on my computer and works well with me rather than paying to use Notion. Just say that is having an issues with it, I just trying not that works, but may still use Notion in the future, but not right now. OneNote is free I use it, like Notion to make lists rather than a notebook, but my question is, what if they stop working which my laptop does crash at time? It is technology and means losing all my lists and notes, so I still convert to paper, because I still find this method more resourceful and I don’t need to clog up my phone with a loads of APPs or have the latest appliances, they can cause clutter and be counter productive because they take up so much space, so in 2023 is keep it simple and still have a written plan and to do lists and for working on projects. I know we need to save on paper because of the environment, but I find it better to jot down rather than type all of the time, and what if I lose my phone and that means not having the APPs to help me, so for me, being productive in 2023, always have a back up plan written and stored so you can see it and notes for books is important because it helps me keep on track of where I am and brainstorming. I do like using my laptop but I like writing things down especially for when I write a journal and creating stories. I find it relaxing and great for on the go and save the space on my phone. Its not what an item can do but how resourceful it is, does it make life easy?

The items I do like are the cordless items, like I bought a wireless keyboard and mouse, and I do have access to a cordless vacuum which I did use, but don’t need tones of appliances, and so it is using what I have already got and this saves me money and time.

So, lets get productive and take that time to sort our lives.

Many thanks for reading

Carrie X

Typical London Gal