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So today I did some laundry, sort my son’s bed out and spent time planning using OneNote and going through my goals and completed another Unit on another course I am doing and so feel super productive, and I do plan a new video to do for my 2023 Reset and to inspire others to complete projects and making steps towards achieving goals.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

I have a pile of clothes to be put away and it is late at night so don’t clear away tonight but will do so tomorrow, and Sunday I will plan my week ahead and do a reset, by tidying my room, going through my wardrobe to set up more of my clothes and what I want to wear for the week and I wear the same clothes in the week and use my wardrobe before I go into the open closet I am using and rotate my clothes. This makes sure I wear them all, and my goal for this year is not to buy anymore clothes.

I go through unfinished tasks and so will set a plan to get them done and BUILD my word for this year and follow my dreams and ambitions.

It is Sunday now a I finish this blog and sorted out my clothes for the week and spending time catching on Youtube in between and uploaded my Sunday chat video. and do a have a new Update on my No Spend January to go up and I like to use my Sunday’s wisely to help set my week up and it is so good when I get things ticked off my lists.

Doing a reset helps the mind too and manage my thoughts. I like to feel calm and contentment to be ready for a new week and plan my days and getting more things done to build and continue to grow in mind and body, and get control of my wellbeing.

I like to do my skincare to reset and wash my hair, along with having a nice dinner and work on tasks that I can’t get done in the week.

There will be more blogs to come and I hope that you spend time resetting and getting your life on track.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Typical London Gal