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What have you learned in your life about love?

When it comes to love it is all around us and often we can’t see it. To remind me about love I will write in my gratitude journal of everything I am grateful and thankful for, like my son, he is the most precious person of my life and love seeing him everyday and spending time having fun and bonding by play and learning.

Love is about giving your whole being to somebody and at times it can be a challenge, if you have different views on life and love, but as long you can talk, laugh and be yourself, that is what is important.

It can break your heart and change, but it can also be what drives you forward and learn how to help love be good again, by looking around you and by that phone call, watching the one show tonight on BBC 1, Will Young was talking about writing letters, rather than a text message can really make a difference and change your view about love.

Love is a personal feeling that should not be taken for granted and it can be from a person who let you go first on the bus and giving money to buskers and street acts, and there is so many ways to show it and give, that it lights up your world and their’s, and it can also be a object, like a music instrument you love, where you like to travel to each year and watch on the TV and writing a book to help others, and spreading love through many different channels and I do tell friends I love them, because I do or if I see a post from a celebrity on Instagram for example and say if I love something they have posted and it has to be what relates to you, and mean something more than a post of someone unwell or just reaching out and showing love.

Compassion goes a long way and love is where it all begins and grows.

Tell me what love means to you and what you have learned. You can leave a comment below, and remember if you’d like to see more posts then please follow me so you don’t miss out on more content and blogs.

I love you for taking the time to read my blog and for your feedback, because without that I wouldn’t know if they are helpful to you and feel so enlighten by the likes and follows I get, you make it that way.

So lets spread the love today and always, and remember to love yourself too.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Typical London Gal