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I did my first run this week, and was my first one after a two year break and it felt so good and doing that gave me so much energy and felt so good about myself and feel grateful for my legs and being able to run, and on Tuesday I did my first long walk this year and again it gave me such a boost.

If you want to make change then it is up to you to do it, and did start getting thoughts about doing the run, but said no to those thoughts and I done it.

We can all put things off and have excuses of why we shouldn’t and I would often talk myself out of it, forgetting the benefits of how I’d feel afterwards if I did a run for example, but then you get stuck in a rut and becomes a tug of war.

I have started to put together some life coaching tools together and it is for my Life Coaching programme I do each year and this year it is Project 2023 and so check these out here:

I will let you all know when this will be starting and so I will keep you informed.

Going for a run really gave a kick start to my day, I got a lot done, like changed and washed my bedding and uploaded a new update of my “No Spend January”, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8-74xKzsyQ

I kick my start my day by setting an alarm and I before I am tempted to go back to bed, turn the light on, make my bed and get dressed.

When we have kids I get that it can be a challenge but once I got passed my 8 weeks after having my son I would get up early about 4 to 5am, whilst I did my son’s milk used the time to do some exercise. It was hard at first but my mindset was “If I don’t do any in the day at least I did some exercise in the morning” and it is was mentally energizing.

Then started to struggle, so getting back to it 9 years later having battled with it, remember how good it feels. Yes I still get bad days, well I am only human. Through those years, I developed a mental health condition, psychosis and my exercise was overtaken by it and lost my energy. Not that I didn’t try, I did, but I felt drained and so had to seek help and now got my life back and did exercise around the Autumn, but I take some time off for that time of year because I have birthdays and then comes Christmas, and so I am determined this year to make sure I continue to kick start my mornings to boost my energy for the day and not allow my inner critic talk me out of it and not worry about the cold and the dark mornings to stop.

For the first time in a long time feel good about my life and how I see it.

Habits go along way when they serve a purpose, like I get fit in the morning because that it helps get my day on a good start and that I don’t feel anxious about it, not drained by worry and thinking the worst and be relaxed and content.

So kick start your day honestly it can make a huge change, like dancing in the kitchen whilst doing your kids breakfast and why not have them join in. I loved doing this with my son before he started school. This stopped because of my mental health and because I don’t do the school run in the morning, because his dad and I no longer live together, but is a great way to wake up and boost you entire life.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Typical London Gal