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It has been a while since I last did a book review, and have an All About Books’ video coming, (check out my previous video I did) and will be on my main Youtube channel as I finished two books this month and still challenging myself to read a book a month and got in the habit of reading before I go to bed again, rather than travelling.

This book review is talking about the High 5 Habit by Mel Robbins. I listened to it on audible because I find it easier when it is a self help book and when ever my son does something good we high 5 and I have begun to high five myself in the mornings and give myself credit rather feel bad about myself.

She spoke such sense and doing habits like not having my phone by my bed, because it can affect how we wakeup in the mornings and it has made a difference as I do sleep for a longer and make sure I have a good nights sleep. I no longer allow my son to take his tablet to bed and this has made a difference as he can fall a sleep quickly and for a lot longer, because he wakes up really early in the week, and not have his tablet too early in the morning and we both sleeping in, which I need at the weekends because of the travelling I do each week and need it to wake up better and get stuck planned down and use my weekends to take my son out and not feeling tired the whole day.

So check it out and I would give in 10 out of ten and the good thing about audible (I am not sponsored) you keep the books in your library and forever and go back to them, which those like the High 5 Habit because I like to listen to these types of books again.

If you know of more books that I like it, please recommend by filling in the comments below.

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