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Where can you reduce clutter in your life?

You can reduce clutter from all areas of your life, like your computer/laptop, the kitchen, wardrobe, draws and cupboards and set a date of when you plan to do this and stick with it and start with one area at a time.

Living with clutter can be too much and we dread going back to the mess, and so if you want to clear it do it step by step and if you have someone to help you, take advantage and delegate.

I like having a sort through and do a weekly reset, where I will put my clothes away and quickly go through and take anything out that is worn and that you have no use for anymore and taking such steps can really help your wellbeing and I did a whole reset and had a complete sort through of my stuff and once I saw the clear space I had, made me feel relieved and so much better.

Clutter can build and build and so set it all out from the area you have chosen first to sort out and be realistic in making the choice to keep it or go. I am conscious of landfill and so if it is in a good condition like a piece of equipment, interior or furniture and clothes, donate and or sell. I know many people sell items on Facebook so check that out.

Set up a plan and challenge yourself to clear one items a day, or area.

I hope you find this useful and never fear, if I can declutter so can you.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Typical London Gal