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When it comes to doing a Reset it is clearing out the feelings you have as you move from Summer to Autumn, get rid of negative thoughts and welcoming a new change of weather and time. Getting up the dark and going home in the dark, can have an impact on our feelings, so to help with this is to get to alter your way of thinking, by making changes to it.

Photo by Vidal Balielo Jr. on Pexels.com
  1. Use a SAD light, as getting up when it is dark and make us more prone to put our alarms on snooze and so getting a SAD light still make you feel more awake if you suffer with SAD, or for me I use m little lamp to help me become awake and I set my alarm earlier to help me awake better. Cold showers can help too and go for a run or walk if you can in the morning wake us up also.
  2. Have a daily ritual where by in the mornings you have a drink, have your clothes ready to put on and your croissant, anything that helps you to function through from the morning to the evening, where you wind down ready for bed.
  3. Set out your day. I plan the night before and use my weekly block schedule I showed in a previous blog, where I have set different task for each day to help what been done, going to do next and what to do after those tasks have been completed.
  4. Change your home. A lot of people, watching Youtube mainly, change their homes for the Autumn and winter, and when I do get a new home of my own again, will be something I will be doing, and it can really help prepare and enjoy each season through the changes you have been making in your home.
  5. Spend time getting extra rest. Doing the school runs, fitting in some writing and making a meal for each day can be tiring so set a time to have some extra rest.
  6. Go for a family walk. If you don’t get time to spend time as a family then set time. Like the weekends to go on a autumn or winter walk, and why not pop in a coffee shop together and have coffee and and walk regularly.
  7. Remember to have a good weekend meal. I love Autumn as it can be a great time to have a traditional Sunday Roast and so why not make one whilst watching a good Sunday and Autumnal movie, followed by a nice tea in the evening whilst watching a good Sunday Drama on the TV or Netflix.

It is so good to try these ways to get used to a different season again, and make the most of each day and create more happiness in your everyday life going with the changes of the seasons.

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Carrie X

Typical London Gal