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When we get off a train it is because we want to go to a known destination and an idea of where we want to go, but with life there are stations we never get off on, because we have no need too, but often when I used to travel into the central London, would forget where I was going or I’d be trying to keep my eyes open, missed my stop. I’d get into a panic state because now I have no idea of where I am going and the fear was getting stranded and so now I travel I often will be looking at the map on the train, numerous times to make sure that I get off the right station.

Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Pexels.com

So what happens when we forget and miss our stops?

Be glad that I had realised and didn’t travel any further and hope I can get back where I forgot to get off to go too the right destination? I would instantly get panicky and feel really stupid, and start to demolish myself. Yet if someone actually said these things to me and not in my head, I would be like “No you are wrong and I am not the only who’s done that”, but its fine to say it to ourselves.

We have all got off the wrong stop, and we will make mistakes which I did a video on, which was a chat video: https://youtu.be/SUw2pGZlPoI All about when my son had a new teacher teaching him swimming and one of the dads got a bit annoyed about it, as she wasn’t as thorough unlike the usual teacher and was being supervised whilst she taught, but did okay and we all make mistakes.

Did she panic? No

Did she get angry? No

She got on and taught her lesson, and the kids learning including my son, were fine. So getting off the wrong stop doesn’t mean your going to be stuck forever, you learn, THAT IS LIFE, and you will still be a success and you’ll know soon where to get off and get on. As Dean Graziosi, life is about repetition, and so as keep doing the journey you’ll always know, and when you do, then the panic will fade.

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Carrie X

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