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It is Saturday and know that my next Newsletter needs changing, and I don’t feel like it. I love creating them it’s just I have a free Saturday Afternoon and Evening, and had set out in my head my plan to do a bit of writing and been planning but actually feel slumped.

Photo by Valeria Ushakova on Pexels.com

I have Saturday’s as my night off and this morning and early afternoon spent time with my son, and had a gap whilst my mum took him out this morning on his scooter, but now I feel like I could just go to bed.

It is good to take breaks and so going to make this my only thing I am going to do today, in terms for writing and then going to begin my night off and make this it for the rest of the day.

When I don’t have a break I feel so unenergized the next day and so set a day where you have free choice and I am going to watch a concert, a film or documentary. I am going to take a shower and have a alcoholic drink with my dinner. Set a day just for yourself. Have a different meal that is different to what you would have during the week and visit different friends that you don’t see often and with the hot weather it is good to have a night out in town. This is one thing I miss, and going to build confidence to have a date with myself.

So let’s just enjoy our weekend and there will be more blogs coming and thank you for your feedback so far.

Many thanks for reading

Carrie X

Typical London Gal