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Hello and welcome! thank you for taking the time to read my blogs and your feedback means a lot, and I know that my blogs are helpful to you and is reaching out to you.

In this blog I a talking about reflecting over the year, and it has been a mixture of good and bad. Yet compared to last year a lot better and accomplished a lot, yet there have been years where I haven’t and often I feel that I get left behind.

For my last son’s swimming lesson for this year, I couldn’t find my sons goggles and swimming hat and I often lose items and get annoyed with myself so from this year is to stop rushing and take my time. In the end I went out early to buy him another pair of goggles and swimming hat, and so made me see that it can workout even if it is getting stuff at last minute.

I was in a mental health hospital and was a break I needed and saw more about people being in two of these hospitals as they all are there to get themselves back on track, with their life and not feel alone in their mental health and I did build good relationships in both the hospitals.

To reflect I separate my goals quarterly now and has made a huge difference to getting projects completed, I have already set out quarterly goals for next year and going to write them up on paper I have stored in my old home in Epsom, to put up on the wall.

I have learned so much from this year, setting myself challenges like 21 day challenges and 30 day ones, made me surprised of what I can accomplish in short time and implimented new habits into my life, like setting things up the day before rather than on the day, and spending time to sort my space I have out, managing motherhood with things I need to get done, it just helped me see that I can make the most of time and have time watching TV rather than Youtube, and giving myself some credit and have some self care.

I do look after my skin and realised what true things mean the world to me. Like taking my son out and monitoring my time spent and enjoying walking and travelling.

I love to travel and so will take these to the next year and accomplish even more.

I have created a printable about Dividing your time:

I hope you find this helpful and so Merry Christmas and a happy new year

Carrie X