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Do you often question your life? I know I do, and this part of the year is where I feel the most stressed and if knew why I’d say but I don’t. I think the changing of the clocks can effect me as it has for years when going to and back in the dark we need that Vitamin D in our bodies and when you lack it I believe from my experience that my body is lacking that Vitamin, so I am going to pick up Vitamin D supplement to help this.

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When it comes to winter time I do what it takes to rise my spirits up, when leaving now and also the lack of energy I feel is nature, my period, sorry if that is TMI its true, my monthly cycle can effect my mood.

I like to go for walks and yesterday I had a good constructive day even though at the time it didn’t feel like it.

I find I need to get out and see people. I love travelling to and from different places so going to plan some winter walks and looking to do more volunteer/fundraising for charity again as I was doing fundraising events, like the London 10K and Race for life and more.

When you do such things it really is rewarding and I miss it.

I need a more changes in my life now and feel it will happen I just need to be patient and build more around me to prevent me from feeling the winter slump that I can often feel.

I am looking forward to Christmas and have many things planned and this helps pull me through too, and feel like I have acccomplished a lot even when feeling less energentic and going to push through.

I have created a printable a free EBOOK for this site, to help you find your dream job, and here is linked below:

I hope you find this helpful as I have seen many looking for new jobs and want to help you in finding your dream job.

When we feel we aren’t getting anywhere brainstorm to workout why and being on your period is unavoidable but how you feel towards the hormones is to say “Stop I am gonna have a good day regardless”.

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Reflect over the year you have had, what would have changed what can you learn from this year so far so it ends better than what he begun and what can you change right now. Not yesterday or tomorrow but now?

Be honest with yourself and mark from 1 to 10 how you feel and what one change would mean to your life as we draw near to another one?

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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