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Soon we will be ending this year 2021 and yes there were challenging moments but here I am looking after my son in the warm feeling nostalgic.

There have been changes like my son needing to go to a new school, going through another lock down and me spending time in a mental health hospital yet here I am after returning doing the school run this year and my son is off for the Christmas holidays and my son is the love of my life and enjoying having mother and son time.

My blogs especially this one has had terrific feedback and I feel so blessed because of having 5,000 views and same with my blog https://sportsandfitnesspassion.wordpress.com I received 1,000 likes, again I 0feel blessed, so thank you.

All the feedback has been wonderful and more new blogs to come.

I have written more books on amazon.com under Carrie Challoner, Carrie Lee Holmes and Carrie Holmes, and proud of them and hope I have inspired you being my audience with the follows I have had.

I love reaching out via my books and blogs and in this year I restarted my filming for my YouTube channels and now have three, typicallondongal, mystylewayofliving and carrieseducationalyoutube

So been a good year really and new things on the horizon for next year too.

Many thanks for reading and your support

Carrie X