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Hello, and I hope you have had a good week, and I am ready for the weekend. This week on this blog site I saw that I have had 5,000 views and so thank you. I am so happy that this site is getting such a response as I want people to use this site to help them and feel good by my blogs.

This blog asks, “Does time effect us from being successful in life?”

If you are getting flustered by the things in your life then yes, because I go at such a speed sometimes that I hit that wall, and I have talked about that in previous blogs and videos, and so I give myself a realistic list of what I know I can get done and not suffer with burnout and the day should start how it ended.

So meaning, that it should start full of energy and end with a good steady pace like it begun.

Rushing when you dont’ realise it. I am guilty, and so I will take my time now, rather than jamming all what needs to be done in one day. This can lead us to self sabotage and to give up before you’ve even started.

If you are struggling with time then it can effect our success because we feel its to bigger a mounting to get anything done, and you have kids running around, whilst you try to tidy things awat, you feel that your email inbox is getting fuller and yes I am guilty of that. We plan to wash our hair and have a pampering evening and you end up feeling to knackered to even lifting a finger, so yes it can cause us to say “I can’t do this”.

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Well look around and look at your lists, is there anything that catches your eye on your list and stands out on your list? If it does then this should be the first item to get done and completed.

I have written an EBook on amazon, talking about Things to Change one day at a time

As that is all needs to be done and do a task a day. I do write couple of organizing blogs on google blogspot: https://organize4thebetter.blogspot.com/ and https://neworganizedself.blogspot.com/

We all want to be like be Mary Poppins and have a carpet bag that can carry a hat stand and a lamp but this is a musical and if you like to pretend you are whilst cleaning singing “A Spoonful of sugar” going and put the sound track on. I am writing this blog listening to the Eurythmics in concert on Youtube, and so if that it what it takes to get back on the road of being on time with your life and gets your life in shape so it doesn’t hold you back from being successful then do it.

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Should time be in a goal?

Yes! This is what I am saying, “Time can be used to challenge yourself”. So before you read on, get a bin that is empty or even a storage container and go around the room putting thing into it, and have three bins in fact. One saying Inbox and one saying Outbox and another to give away if you find items you no longer need.

Getting rid of stuff in family homes can take alot to get rid of items, but if you want more time then create it. Block scheduling a must and just giving yourself 5 minutes a day can make all the difference, and I clean my desk at least once a week and scheduling has become my bestfriend.

Create chart with the time you have spare and put down what is the first space that can be sorted out first and if you need to take a break then do so.

So yes time can effect our success because we think we have to do everything now but actually you don’t.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X