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We do put on, so much strain on ourselves and be unkind, yet when we see people who shout and scream at anyone, we straight away go into praising ourselves. and says “I am glad I not like that”, and it is looking yourself on the outside and see that we are kind and approachable, I am not mad in getting angry, we should be able to express ourselves.

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When it comes to accepting ourselves it can take a long process, as we do fear peer pressure. So it is time to be kind and see what you are capable of. We are all allowed to breath in this world, and so we need stop underestimating ourselves and see our strengths we have.

To Overcome underestimating ourselves, it is good through your assets, and that for me is I have the fingers to write and have the eyes to see and I have the power through my blogs to reach out to people all over the world. Now that for me is powerful, to even write that, but it is true.

We are so quick to criticize ourselves and not give ourselves a break, when we feel low is often needed. I give myself credit, because I understand about it is about being a true human being. Being kind to what we say to ourselves and so go through your assets physically and mentally.

Taking on challenges this year did me so good, and it showed me of what I could achieve within a year, and has enthused my energy to do more to inspire myself aswell as from other people.

Journal your thoughts, and go through all the things you want achieve and it can be whatever you want, and should you set a deadline??

I have tried this method, and it has helped but in some areas not, like setting myself a deadline to finish my books I write, but I find that because there is more to add I need to finish it in my own time and not rush my books but give myself time to edit and arite.

It is time to be good to yourself and set that as one of your goals fro the end of the year, following onto the next year.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X