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I have created a new printable for you to go through making changes and write about your current situation:

We can often feel pushed down where we feel we are drowning and trying to hang on to stop, take a moment and then continue on. There can be resentment and jealousy towards you, and sorry to say this, but these sorts of people will always be around but it doesn’t mean you can’t raise your voice and let them know that it isn’t gonna make you stop, but fight on.

Never allow others shoot you down. You have the right to speak aswell as them, and cut them off.

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There are people who want to keep you floating and have no real time for you, only when it suits them, and others will join you, as they are interested in you and you find that this person is on the same wave length and you feel “Yes, this person gets me lets stay in contact”.

Keep your head above the water, and give yourself good acknowledgement and take time writing down why you are you, the things that have made you into a good person, and who has bought out the worst in you.

Noone wants to feel they are trapped and this is how you get out it.

  • Who’s more important to you?
  • What are you about?
  • Do you need to be there?
  • Can you move on?

Being in the wrong environment, and always being wrong, is hard but I have a mechanism that has taken me to better places and there is always a way out.

I once never believed to be true, but it is.

What I do is I will take notes in my head of what they are doing, but don’t take any notice. They dribble, I talk.

We need to dictate ourselves and not be others bec and call. Those people will never change, but you can.

So keep head above and affirmations are a great tool, and can be done in many ways, just tell yourself “You are worth it and you can go for it”.

Never settle for convenience, but by what gets you out of the water onto land, and set rules for yourself and for people to see, you aren’t their admirer as they want you to think, but you are with yourself.

Don’t give them to the time to if they want to knock you done and say “Thank you, but I know what I want and I will live my life as I wish too”

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X