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Hello and welcome to a new Inspiring stories post and this week I am talking about The UK Holiday.

So as a kid we would go on regular holidays in Seawick in Clacton and I have posted a blog about this Inspiring Stories: History of the Holiday Camps

I would often go camping in Newbury and spend a Sunday near Chertsey. Would travel with the Pub Football Team which consisted of my Dad and his mates from Chelsea, London and go to Rye.

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Now we are still living the Pandemic still travelling abroad this year is going to be tricky due to the amount of Travel Issurance you have to pay, so many will be taking a UK Holiday and when I think of this it seems so old fashioned, but the best times away have been travelling to and from different UK attractions. I hope the rain holds off so I can take my son to the coast again and I love caravans. The Caraven was always popular in the UK and it still is. I loved it as it felt like a holiday and we would buy a kite and would be with our grandparents.

The UK then got taken over by holiday makers like we did for white going abroad instead, which effected many holiday camps and seaside towns where many Britains would go before going abroad became hugley popular and in expenisve. Many seaside resorts lost a lot of money and cities in the UK example London became hugely popular with tourism which made up for the loss the seaside resorts did, yet when I worked at Butlins it was one of the popularist holiday camps in Britain and on the south coast of England.

People would come down for adult weekends, and then other privately owned camps began to make up some money by doing the same yet played second in holidays for a while.

It has got back to its feet and now this year I predict that many will holiday in the UK rather abroad due to COVID and people wanted to have a safer holiday by doing so.

So if you had good holidays in the UK then I’d love to hear your stories. You can do so by commenting below.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X