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Life is a pattern of many twist and turns, and often we can get lost in life and having a regular routine, that we often stay within our shell and only come out when we feel “Is it safe to do so?”.With the Lockdown many have been struggling but to help to follow a different pattern we have to change of lifestyle to have a much better one, even in Lockdown.

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10 Good Habits to Have in Life to Be More Successful

Here are ten habits that can help:

  1. Do one thing at the weekend which is different to what you do during the week, and this can be a breakfast, time to do an exercise routine and just something that separates the week to the weekend.
  2. Have a night off where if you are a mum and you can have someone take care off your children one evening that take them up on it.
  3. Have that glass of wine, and sit out in the garden reflecting on each day and on the next day
  4. Do a Zoom chat of someone you have not seen for a while or face time them and arrange a time and place to meet if you don’t live close by
  5. Have time watching the sunset and end the day naturally like when waking up get yourself a SAD light that can help during Winter when it gets dark earlier and still get your Vitamin D
  6. Don’t put it off tomorrow do it today and then tomorrow you have freedom to do something else that you want to do
  7. Change your hairstyle. I am wanting to get my hair done and dye it again, and so gonna plan that in the summer when finally lockdown has shifted
  8. Recycle and get rid of too much waste. I always look at items purchased and think “Can I use that for something else?” example I have Jaffa cake box that I ue to keep my desk tidy and for my supplements, a jar of coffee and my body spray and deodarant
  9. Reduce the pennies. I was tempted to buy myself a notebook but I didn’t as I have plenty to use, and will use these up before I buy another
  10. Use a favourite mug to make your brew or have a certain glass you like to drink from, it then make sure you dehydrate especially when it is a hot summers day

All these habits are positive and doable so even if you do one or two of them it still can make a difference to your lifestyle and have better days, months and years.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X