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Hello and I am writing this on Sunday, but I don’t post any live blogs on this day so will be up live tomorrow.

So Concentrating on Good Things In life that can empower you through the year.

Find what makes you tick, and look for inspiring videos that can give you empowerment. When I used to go running and I had that “I have no energy to do a run” I found some running motivation videos on Youtube and listening to one of those made me go out and run, before I changed my mind again.

We often at times look at our lives and our rooms, and homes thinking “My world cluttered, I feel overwhelmed and feel like I am never gonna be tidy or stress free”, but yes you can.

I wrote a book on amazon.com about making one change a day:

Things to Change one day at a time : Life doesn’t have to be fast pace but easy, simple and flexible by [Carrie  Lee Holmes ]

Doing one thing a day can make a huge difference and what empowers me everyday is listening to music, just one or two songs, and that helps kick start my day.

Plan a day just for you, as we all deserve a day where we can be lazy or some people I know love Sundays For example to have a day in bed. I did this some weekends and it is just to relax not have to rush anywhere, no errands or to dos and just a day of Peace and Quiet.

Spend time documenting days where you see family and friends, or now we are soon I hope to be out of Lockdown that you can see family again and why not film to development more happy Memories and why not plan a Post Lockdown Family reunion.

Watch videos or documentaries that inspire you and make you get the most of each day. I sometimes if I have a Takeaway will watch a comedy series i haven’t watched for a while and I try to do different things at the weekend, and it is good to have a Takeaway Friday or Pizza Tuesday or Saturday. I even like today as i wrote this love having a Curry Sunday rather than roast.

I also have days where I don’t wear make up and days when I do, and have created a photobook to help me remind of looks I have done and it really has helped with my confidents and feel good about myself.

Have breakfasts at the weekend or during Holiday days that you wouldn’t have in a normal week. I love a cooked breakfast sometimes and i will eat a lot more fruit, and I have a separate Travel Journal that I keep especislly for holidays. I love documenting good days aswell some challenging days.

Jusr get as much out of each day as possible and make time for from the norm and use what inspires you to have a better, happy and fulfilling life.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X