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Hello and welcome to another blog post. This is another Life Coaching post, and if you would like to catch up on my Life Coaching Youtube videos then please check them out here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0AyektQNGDFmE8QBKFktqKMwZ2bswZoc

So in this blog post I am talking about The Vision you have always wanted in your life.

Now grab a notepad and if you have a vision of a career you want or a business adventure, start to Brainstorm. I do this all of the time, and I live in one main notepad, as I have separate ones for my book ideas, but one that I write down all my Daily Task lists, for brain dumping and also use it to Brainstorm.

Once you have done a brainstorm then Map it out, so like an organisation chart you often find in corporations do the same with a plan of how you will step by step do to get to the your dream career or business adventure.

Then it’s creating the vision by using pictures and post it notes, quotes or File Cards.

Make it to what you want to accomplish with your business, and places you want to visit or fashion shows you want to attend, for example.

How to Make a Vision Board that Works In 10 Simple Steps

Look online for images and magazines, and Ask yourself, What is my main thing I want to focus on?

Also, What is my ultimate goal and how can I break it down?

Who is my vision board Icon? So if it is a Fashion type business, then add your fashion icon, as this will help you then create a vision to use their fashion to inspire yours. Not to copy, it is just using items that will inspire creativity and to help to find ideas and niches that have not been down before. This is a Vision board I created today as I am creating a Content Creator Planner, and going to add to my Pinterest board too and if I want to add to it, I can.

Here are two Blank Versions of A4 and A3 Printable Vision boards, you can use to create a vision or use to sketch out a vision board and what many people do is actually create it on a Pinboard or A3 piece of card to put on the wall.

If you like to see my Weekly fashion look books I do then check out my site:


(I am going to move this site above to a new platform so as of next week I won’t be posting on that site, and I will give details of the new platform once done).

So you have created your vision, put it somewhere, where you will see it everyday, like on your fridge, or an office Pinboard and with the one I have done I am going to print off and frame it to put up in my new home office once I have moved, which is happening very soon.

You could even Elaminate it, and have a version in a Work folder. Or like many Planner Guru’s do, have a version in a planner.

Then from the Vision board, create some goals, and this is important to do, so to accomplish each vision you have a goal to get there, so for me my vision is a new Look, Fashion and Skincare board for 2021, so first goal is to dye my hair and once Lockdown has been lifted set a date to have this done, go through my wardrobe to put together outfits for interviews, shows and TV work.

At the start of this year I created a 2021 vision board on Pinterest and it is a brilliant platform to use for Vision boards and then as above keep adding to them:

I also recommend invisioning it happening in your mind so you are almost touching it and you may take a different path than planned, but when you do reach the end goal it iis a wonderful feeling, and inspired to create more vision boards.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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