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Now even though the beginning of this year was rocky, I did still accomplish many things, like more books and two EBooks, see my listings below:

I created two online courses and another one is being developed. So I will let you know when this course will be available. See link to my education network below:

Carries Education Network

I am working on 3 books at the moment as I am re-writing my first book of The Parenting Adventures Pregnancy to the first 9 months. I will let you know when this is published, a comedy and a rewritten book called the Peabody Years.

So to go into 2021 and be more productive, I am going to draft a load more blogs to post, as there is so much I wish to share, and slow down a bit more.

20 Secrets to Living a Happier Life

Image from: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/315636

Check out article called: 20 Secrets to live a happier life, via the link above.

You can still be productive and take it easy too, but just focusing on 2-3 things each day and week, is much better than doing a whole 25 things to do list. I was doing this and then would blow myself out, and I do take a break from it too, in parts of the year.


Young woman reading magazine lying on grass

As said in my previous posts, it isn’t about quantity but quality, and I really want to take my family to Disney World and have a well earned holiday, as it has been a while, go to a music festival, if they are on, and have loads of family time.

Family dancing in living room spending time on weekend together

Being productive is achieving the things that make you feel good, energized and ready to continue on. If you find parts of your life is boring and needs a change, then make it.

Live your life as you wish to, as long as it isn’t trying to hurt another person, but that makes you and those around you happy. Whenever I have gone out and had a drink with friends, I do get buzz from them, as I love to see them enjoy themselves too, and as it is Christmas soon, I want the rest of this year to be about spending time with those that truly love me, and who I love back and next year to be, about going out more and doing more adventures.

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I am super in love and that is making me really look forward to next year and what it will bring. I want to do Stand up again, like I did when working at Butlins, write more music like I used to and develop an online shop.

I am going to take my time next year, so no rushing, as I was once called Mrs Rush Rush Rush, but have a purposeful day and do what is important to help me and adds value to my life.

You can never have too much happy. Free Spirit Girl | Words, Quotes, Summer  quotes

So lets get ready for 2021 and see what it brings. Remember to live it like you want to and don’t allow those that want to continue to be haters and unhappy to stop you.

Please check out my new video, showing more of what I like to write on this channel and please remember, if you wish to keep up to date with my posts on this site, to click the follow button below.

So there will be more to come and I want to share an Erin May Henry video talking about my much love subject, setting goals, as they map your life for more good things to come and helps you to grow.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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