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Hello and welcome to a new blog. Thank you so much for those who have commented on my blogs, it really is great to hear your feedback and glad that you have liked my posts so far.

Image I took when out on one of my walks

In today’s post I am writing about Creating Space to Live more, as I think we can get so struck down with todo lists, looking after our kids (if you are a parent), that we don’t make time to do the other things we love, like catching up with friends, watch a movie or catch up on the football, now that it is back on.

I have gotten into a good pattern now, where I allow myself to have free time other than constantly working, and not taking time out to do the other things I love, like watching TV, exercising indoors, listening to a podcast and just being plain lazy. I love having lazy days, I don’t have these often now, but when I do, do I enjoy it.

Creating space to live more is creating a balance in your life, so you can go skiing, skateboarding or take a break somewhere.

Now I have the weekends to myself I do like to make these my time to get out and do the things I can’t do in the week, when I am looking after my son.

I love to take my time even though I am doing a lot of walking to help me get into shape, check my blog: https://sportsandfitnesscoaching.com/

I don’t walk fast but listen to some music or an audio book on my phone as I am walking, taking in the surroundings and just be peaceful, not having to rush and take some time sitting down enjoying the scenery when I can too.

I want that life where I work but not all the time, and can take my son on holiday and go the seaside if I want to. It is all about drive and doing the things you set out to do, but not working to the point where I feel drained but that has a purpose.

I want all my days have a meaning and a reason for getting up each day and not feeling stressed because I didn’t get to post that blog I wanted or didn’t get to write that bit in my book yet. Time will come, and its not about rushing but doing.

Lets live the life we want and follow our hearts aswell as our dreams.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X