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When it comes to running a home and running a business you can end up feeling somewhat stressed, making you self sabotage and not wanting to do anything. but push it away.

The one way I deal with stress is I get up and I go out or I will take just a minute or so to breath and register the stress. Please check out my parenting blog where I talk about Reducing Parenting Stress.

Stress can creep up on you, and take over your body. I remember as a teenager at Secondary school I had a load of blisters and Ulcers at the bottom of my mouth, and I went to the doctor as my immune system kept getting rather low, the doctor diagnosed it as stress.

I remember thinking “What? How come?” but thinking back I was often stressed at school, because I did feel under pressure because I never consider myself as being academic, and felt out of my depth a lot of the time.

I would get worked up when it came to doing PE and having to run around the school we used to do or the beep test. I hated doing those, and was so unfit, that I wished the ground would swallow me up.

As an adult I thought life would be easier once I had my own place, and went to work, but it can increase. I for a long time and even now at times, I can be a super stress head, worrying about my son and school, my financial situation, my living arrangements, it can all mount up.

Mel Robbins who I talk a lot about in my blog posts, because I think she is so real and gets it, did a video a week or so ago about What she does when she is stressing the F**k out, see below:

Stress can get anyone and cause problems to your body if you don’t do anything about it. Never ignore the stress as it will just build up until you explode, and let it all out, but take a step back and let it come through and then focus on a time you have not stressed and find a picture of your younger self and see if you still feel stressed. once you have looked at this picture. Tell that picture of how you feel and what your mindset was back then, when you were a child, do you feel stressed? Happy go lucky?

Then go through what is going on in your life and do a step to step plan of how you are going to conquer the items that need to be completed and break them up.

Often we can give ourselves so much to do, that we forget, we are only one person and anyone would be stressed having to do 26 jobs in a day. Break it up and start circling the most important items, and how you complete each task and stop multitasking. I thought at one time that was how you get things done, but it isn’t because you can end up not finishing a job at all, and feel like you haven’t accomplished anything.

Focus on one item at a time, and create yourself a block schedule, so example:

6am – 7am Get up, have shower and get ready for the day

7am- 8am Make all beds and start cleaning around the house, putting items away as I go

8am – 10am Work on the computer and go through email.

I write many journals and so I always keep a journal to write down my feelings if I am unhappy about something and the things that are bothering me.

It is all about finding that thing that makes you take a deep breath and say “I am gonna be ok and I can get through this and I will rein myself in to just concentrate of feeling peace within myself again”.

Take regular breaks within your day to enjoy a coffee without having to do any work and just be with your cup of coffee until it is finished.

Take your time. I remember when I worked at a holiday resort, and this guy saying to me “Slow down it isn’t a race” and in that moment I did, I didn’t realise how fast I was going. I was so used to working at a fast pace that I forgot about my colleagues, as this would often stress them out as they often couldn’t keep up with me, so I did I just stopped and then slowed down.

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Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X