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There are times when life can feel like an endless struggle especially when you become an adult because of the sudden responsibilities you never had before.

However learning to be more grateful in your life can help you be more positive rather than feeling worn down by life.

I now have a journal where I will regularly write down the things I am most grateful for, and there are loads of things, like my son, my writing and my music.

Life would be the same if these things were in it and has helped keep from feeling bored and unmotivated. Doing a weekly reset can really help and that is writing everything you have in your head and decluttering, watching TV or reading a book rather than rushing around feeling worn out.

Today I am feeling like having a day indoors rather than going outside, because I am more likely to spend money if I do and fancy a no spending weekend and just taking it easy before the week where I will be busy again taking my son out as it is the school summer holidays.

We all need time to reflect and I do that a lot to slow myself down and to focus on the things I want to do now rather than focusing about other days.

I think we all, and I am guilty of this to, focus so much on what we have go to do tomorrow and next week, instead of focusing on what we have to do now, and so spending time reflecting on the things you are grateful of what is currently around you, can make a difference to how you feel the next day and in a weeks time.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X