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Hello and welcome to a new blog post. So if you didn’t know  by now, I am a big fan of Youtube and make it an essential part of my day to watch videos, as I do find many of those that make videos on Youtube inspirational and thought I would share which ones in particular.

So here are some Youtube Favourites I like to watch for inspiration and growth.

  1. The first person that comes into my mind is Erin May Henry.

She does a lot of content on entrepreneurship and living your best life, and I always make sure I watch one of her videos as soon as I see that a new one has been published, and have even saved some of her videos onto one of my playlists so I can go back to them if I wish to, as sometimes I need that lift and boost of inspiration to get myself ready for the days and weeks ahead.

She creates a lot of content of how to organize your life and plan your days, and make time for yourself too, and the most favourite topic is when she talks about writing a journal as I love writing a journal and she always inspires me to do so.

2. Do it on a dime. 

This lady is a teacher and has two boys, and creates a lot of videos on organization and how you can save money by purchasing items from stores like the dollar tree and make them look more expensive and classy compared to how much they cost.

For me along with Erin May Henry they make life see so much simple  and that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

3. Jordan Paige.

I absolutely adore this lady. She is a mum of 8 children now, as she not long ago gave birth to twins, and creates a lot of videos based around her family on how to budget, organize and plan, and boy does she inspire me.

Following her tips on budgeting has helped me alot that I am more conscious and take more care when buying items, and how much I spend on groceries each month and week.

4. MuchelleB 

This lady creates a lot of content about being productive and creating positive habits and do a weekly reset to help spread out the days and weeks  including selfcare days aswell.

It is people like MuchelleB that make me see that life isn’t about struggles but challenges that can easily be overcome and still have a fulfilled life.

5. Mel Robbins

I often talk about this ladies work and content because she makes life seem so effortless at times, and is so real aswell, that it is okay to have days where you want time out and just be for a day or two.

She is the lady who created the 5 second rule and honestly her strategies do work, I can vouch for that and would not have a week without watching her content and following her methods.

6. Rachel Cruze 

I discovered this lady’s content by browsing through Youtube for more financial type of content and her videos are brilliant. Along with Jordan Paige, she gives some great tips and advice about money and how to get more out of your cash rather than wasting it on things you do not need.

Her advice again, is simple but effective and would not be without it.

7. Tony Robbins

Not seen any new content recently but from the videos I have watched, he is truly an empowering man and again breaks his strategies of thinking differently about life and how to change it, so simple.

All you have to do is break the pattern and he shows you how in simple terms that you can do in your day to day life.

8. Miss Trenchcoat

From when I first discovered Youtube I have enjoyed this lady’s content, she shares a lot of planner and entrepreneurship videos and is truly inspirational.

When I first began writing a blog and creating content on Youtube, I went to her videos for advice and motivation, and was so effective and brilliant.

She breaks it down step by step, and goes through how she plans her content and how she has developed a successful business.

9. Trinny London  

If you loved the UK TV programme Trinny and Susannah or know of it, then you would be familiar with Trinny’s Youtube videos, which is a lot about fashion, beauty and skincare.

If you are on Instagram or Facebook then you can find live videos on a week to week basis by Trinny and makes you want to dive into your wardrobe and style it up.

With her content it has really helped me with my style and what I love to wear both in skincare and in fashion, and will continue to watch Trinny’s content for inspiration advice, forever more.

10.  Shea Wintney 

Again this is a new channel I have started to watch but I really enjoy watching and being inspired by,  because her content is a lot about what not to waste your money on and what you should try to get more out of your life and just talking about everyday things.

I particular enjoyed a video she did about items you should not waste your money on, as I am guilty of wasting money on popular recommended products which turn out to be total crap.

If you have any recommended Youtube channels you think I might like to watch then please leave a comment below.

Many thanks for all those that have left such positive words about my posts and for following me, and I will post on this channel again at the weekend.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X