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Sometimes I do feel that life can be like a book with many doors closing to new doors and chapters beginning and this has definitely been my life so far.

I am always looking to better myself whether it be my blog or books I write, my daily and weekly exercise, being a parent and in life in general.

If you are constantly getting doors slammed in your face then take a step back and ask yourself why this could be? Is it the approach, am I giving out the correct signal, am I not selling myself enough, is my heart not really into this as believed? as we can often be holding ourselves back preventing ourselves to really show people who we actually are, and what we are capable of.

We listen to much to our conscious mind rather than our subconscious mind, which we should be doing.

It was down to doing the Great North run that made me see that I can do the things I have always dreamed of doing, be super fit if I wanted to, and take on a half marathon. Being able to run for 20 minutes without needing to stop was a huge step for me, because when I first began training to do this event, my heart felt like it was going to come out of my mouth and jump out. It took a lot of hours of training and perseverance, which is a word I use a lot, that helped me achieve such an event, and has been one of the biggest things I have ever done in my life.

If a job has come to an end and you are now stuck as to what to do now, then take a view moments to reflect on what has happened and how you can overcome this event. Somethings that happen in our life is out of our control, but how we deal with them can help make a huge difference.

Instead of seeing it as a traumatic event see it as a chapter ending and time to go into a new job.

Instead of sticking to what you did before aim for better and higher grade of work that can be much more fulfilling, as some jobs we do we do it just to keep the money coming in, but we don’t necessarily enjoy it, so start to look at ways to still work but do the job you want to do, rather than what you need to do.

Never see it as the end because it isn’t and sit down and make a plan of where you want to go next and creating a new start that has much bigger and better things along the way can be so uplifting and there can be no end to your talents.

Write down all the things you have achieved in your life so far and what you would like to achieve next.

Honestly I have been doing this and has been a real eye opener for me, because it allows me to see what I am currently focusing on and what I am not, but should be focusing more on.

I find it allows me to rein myself in, because often than not I will give myself a trillion things to do and forget that I am only one person, and that I not able to do it all. So it has helped me to slow down, and be ahead of myself at the same time.

I am a big lover of goal setting and you can do this not just at the beginning of the year, but during aswell, because often our goals can change as we change being human beings.

So please never feel that there is no light at the end of the tunnel because there is, its all about living your best life and getting as much out of it as possible.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X