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The more I live the more I want out of life, and enjoy it for what it is. Living for better and for more to me is what life is all about, and enjoying every hour of everyday.

As I travel through life I have found that if you wish for big you will get bigger and better things for example I was dreading looking at my bank balance at one point, and was worrying about what I was going to do during the holidays, and as it turned out I got some money from PPI, that I never knew about.

This saved my day and my summer and I have been furloughed which has also helped me out, as the work I had been doing at a local nursery was stopped due to the nursery closing down for good one because of lockdown also because it being brand new it couldn’t get enough children to keep it open, but means I can get more work for the nursery company I have been working for in the future and I am still on their books.

I had also seen that people had been buying my books and received some royalties for that, and I think it is all to do with perseverance and being patient.

It has meant taking risks, like buying further domain names to help grow my blog network, getting back into getting fit but for free so I can continue my Sports and fitness coaching blog, and creating more books to publish aswell as creating a new online course which will be out in a week or so.

I now want to aim for more things in my life like getting my own place again for me and my son to live, to build my income further and to take Henry on holiday somewhere.

Please check out my new weekly to do list that I created today. I don’t always stick to the same way of planning, but tend to mix it up to continue to boost my energy to get things done.

My Weekly To do list

At the bottom I have set goals for the week. Goal setting as I always talk about is the best way to keep hitting targets and objectives, that is how you must run a business and keep yourself and your work growing and flowing.

Everything you do should count towards your goals, and yes that means  taking days off, as often we need to wind down and take it easy to allow us to recharge to boost our energy to reach our targets we set ourselves once more.

Many thank for reading,


Carrie X