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Free Frightened Person Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip ...When it comes to looking after ourselves and becoming a success we often have to face our fears, however much we try to avoid them.

I felt I conquered a fear today, taking my son to school as I get so anxious about the gaps between trains and the platform, as some of them are quite big, and I saw a little girl fall down the gap between the train and platform once, and has made fearful ever since.

However today I had to do it. Its isn’t about me necessarily but my son, because he is still young it frightens me, so I tend to lift him off and on the train.

The other things I fear going on the topic of travel is missing my stop, I get so worried about it. I have no idea why as I have done plenty of journeys where I haven’t done this, but whenever I get on a train or bus that fear is there, but I face it and deal with it.

Fear isn’t something we should be scared of, as it is there to help protect us, nevertheless it can cause us to imagine the worst case scenario a lot of the time and then we can do the thing of talking ourselves out of it, but when you do face the fear with no harm caused we can feel heroic.

When Henry was little I used to get worried about him falling down escalators as he did last year before Christmas and had to be taken to A and E, because he fell.

Sometimes we have to face our fears to get to the next stage in our lives, however daunting it can be, but just face them and write down how you will deal with such hurdles should they occur to help you to the road to success.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X