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Hi and welcome to a new blog post. In Today’s post I am talking about this book I listened to on Audible, which was brilliant.

I would totally recommend audible as I love listening to books rather than reading them sometimes, and can be used on the go, when out and about.

I have quite a few books in my library which were free because when you join you get a free credit each month.

This book is about Sell or be Sold, How to get your way in Business and in life by Grand Cardone, who also has a website and Youtube channel. Here are the links below:



It talks about how you can start or run a business with little capital, it is all about being ahead of your game and not competing but taking control of your own business that will become big and stand out from the rest.

It is also about attitude, and if you are a negative person, then the chances are you will always be negative and will stop you from being a success.

Also, he talks about people who are control freaks, and that in some way we all are, that is how we take control of our kids, taking control of our jobs and life in general.

He talks about how when he first met his wife, how she was not interested in him at all and he couldn’t figure out why, and then through a friend who put a good word in for him, he began to go out of his way to try and get her attention, to eventually going out with her.

It is all about perseverance which I talk a lot about too, as with being a parent and creating blogs and books, it is the same thing.

I love this book and would definitely listen to it again and would like to read more of his books as he is so inspirational and straight to the point.

So go and check it out and if you have a book you would like to recommend to me then please leave a comment below.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X