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As you can see by the title I love a journal and  the ones I have listed are the ones that are with me now. I also have fitness journal and one where I put if something is bothering me and I am going to pick these up today, to carry on filling these in aswell.

I like to write down my daily achievements to go through what I have accomplished each day, and you’ll be surprised when you start doing this how much you can achieve on a day to day basis, and give yourself some down time too, because that is just as important.

my achievement journal

My happy journal is to keep any happy memories in about me and my son, and all the good things we do together, and this I have added photos of us together, and many greeting cards that have made me smile.

The front cover of my happy journalInside my happy journal

The gratitude journal I have is to put all the things I am grateful for each day and it really helps me to take in all that is around me, that I am grateful for.

my gratitude journal

Then my Weekly journal is where I put any insecurities I had specifically that week, what is going on around me now, if I had any quiet time, what I specifically liked that week and at the weekend, and any goals I had for that week.

The point of a journal is to get deep within yourself and go through your current feelings and fears, and with writing them down can help gain perspective and make sense of the things that I am particularly worried about in the week or day. 

I find it just helps clear all the clutter going on in my head and not really to resolve any issues but face them head on, and work out how to deal with them.

Once I have journalled I do feel a hell of a lot better and then I can then get on with my day without worrying so much.

There are no rules when it comes to journalling and you can design and make it as personal as possible.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X