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Hello and welcome to a new blog post. Now this year has become different to other years, due to the Lockdown because of the Coronovirus, and with that can really effect your mental health.

The one thing I have become anxious and worried about is my weight again. Since becoming a grown up my weight has been up and down, and I can’t seem to get it to the weight I want it to be.

Does this sound familiar to you?

It makes me wonder if Beyonce ever has insecurities like these?

If you are reading this Beyonce (yeah right) do you get these types of worries?

The way I have been dealing with it is by taking control of it and instead of tormenting myself of it, I have taken some action.

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Exercise is a brilliant way of taking control and all I am doing is walking a lot, measuring my steps and working out indoors using my fitness mat and set of dumbells.

Honestly you do not need to spend money on special equipment and gear, what it is all about is doing something that works of a sweat and you start to see the results as you keep going.

If you do read my Sports and Fitness blog below you will see that I will work exercise around my lifestyle rather than the other way around,  and it amazing just by doing the school run each day how much exercise you can get, the same with running errands.

Please check out the link below of my Sports and fitness coaching blog  I write every Sunday:


Taking control of your life for 2020 has been no better time, use the time you have wisely and instead of taking a bus, why not walk if it isn’t too far to where you are going. It can save you having to wear a mask if you do not wish to, and keeps you away from germs and can save you money aswell.

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I find you can do social distancing better when out walking rather than on transport, and you don’t really have to wear special clothing. As long as what you are wearing is comfortable and does not rub then it is fine.

The other thing is and as I have mentioned in my previous blog I have created two planning charts to help me stay on track and follow my daily and weekly habits, like practicing self care, planning my weeks and days, making my bed, etc

See the link to my two blogs I wrote about my goals I have set for this year and my blog about my daily and weekly positive habits on this site below:

Daily and Weekly Positive Habits

Setting out my goals for 2020

The other thing I do is create myself inspiration boards using Microsoft Publisher to help achieve my goals and ambitions.

Then starting today I am going to start to do to help with my positive mindset is to keep an achievement journal so where there are times when things get too much, I can look back on what I have achieved and feel better about myself.

I think we can be so unkind to ourselves that if that was another person saying this to you, you’d give them an earful, or walk away from them.

It is about what gives you that boost of energy not what brings you down.

This will also help me to plan my days and weeks more constructively so I have down time, I can take my son out and entertain him without worry about the workload I have.

Bringing up children comes with many challenges and it can be a balancing act, but if you are wise with your time and take control of your life you’d be surprised how much easier your days can be.

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This will help me to maintain a good wellbeing and with that comes a positive mindset.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X