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10+ Free Women Empowerment & Empowerment Images - PixabayI think it is safe to say that I love EMPOWERMENT and you’ll be surprised when you look around you how many things you can spot that will give you empowerment.

Music, TV, a film, a Podcast, nature or a video. I get empowerment from people and the one person who inspires me is Tony Robbins, who I discovered some years ago, when I was fed up and needed some words of wisdom.

This man had me transfixed within minutes because it was like he had just by watching his videos had got it to my head and saw the anxiety, stress I was feeling.

He now has a new book out called: Unshakable Your Financial Freedom Playbook.

This comes with a 30 day trial see link below:


I think we could all do with a some financial support at the moment, as jobs are affect by the International Lockdown.

The other people who inspire me is Oprah Winfrey, Jordan Paige, Debra Meadon, Mel Robbins and Paul McKenna as they all have inspiring stories.

I like people who are up front and honest, because they will tell me if I look bad or something not right.

So finding empowerment through people can make you see things in a whole different light, and help you look forward to the days ahead, instead of struggling not looking forward to the days to come.

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Carrie X