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Inspiring words to help you silence your inner critic and build ...

As human beings we can be driven by our Inner Critic.

That voice can go on and on, telling you,  your wasting your time and don’t bother getting out of bed do it tomorrow.

However not being Mrs Doom and Gloom, what if tomorrow never came?

Neither of us know what is around the corner. I have often seen things before they have happened, example I knew that my mum was going to end up with Tot (my step dad) ages before they got together, but not sure if this was coincidence or just a thought.

When it comes to dealing with the Inner Critic be ruthless with yourself and say “No I am going to go for run today” even if the Inner Critic keeps on and is constant.

Don’t ignore the Inner Critic because from my own experience when you do the voice can get stronger, so acknowledge it and tell it to “Shut up” get up out of bed, put your running gear by your bed on, which I would always suggest you so the night before and before the Inner Critic can continue go for a run.

With the Inner Critic it can effect our everyday lives, like when we write a letter, a book or a blog, going on examples. This voice is our protector in a way, as often as humans we can sniff out danger or that the letter isn’t good, so you proof read and edit it until it is good.

What you don’t want to do is allow it to take over, because once it does it can make you think Rapidly and then stop you in your tracks, talking you out of it, then you feel guilty for not doing what you wanted and it has ended up not being anything to really worry about at all.

I remember one work Christmas Party and it was a new job but being shy and suffering with Social Anxiety didn’t want to go, well I am glad I did because it was brilliant. Yes I did get drunk, but from that point forward really got to know my new colleagues and began to fit in. 

Keep a Journal to answer the Inner Critic and what you really think and what you should do. Example you have split from your boyfriend and you then have the Inner Critic telling you that you shouldn’t have done that, make bullet points as to why you did and then read them out, and create a new plan of action to move on.

When relationships breakdown there is a reason, so write in your journal about it to address the topic, and face the voice by looking in a mirror imaging the Inner Critic is in front of you head on and say “GO AWAY”, silence it by imagining the voice getting quieter and quieter until it is completely muted.

Then reducing the image of the Critic until it completely disappears.

Try doing this several times and you will no longer be dictated by the Inner Critic, but by the voice that is in your gut instead.

I have done a cheat for you to download with this activity and you can even stick it on the wall, and try it every time the Inner Critic speaks.

Dealing with the Inner Critic Cheat Sheet

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Carrie X