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Have you had a day where you have felt completely unlucky,  that everyone is against you and you wish you could start the day again without such bad luck?

Suffering with mental health problems such as anxiety, worry and depression some days I just wish I didn’t get out of bed.

However from learning from when I was a kid to an adult, is often you have to make your own luck and see bad luck as a hurdle rather than hitting a brick wall.

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Luck comes in all shapes and sizes and can be like someone slapping you knocking you off your feet, but do you get up or stay on the ground?

Or there is good luck and you feel like you have been swept off your feet.

I have had some bad luck this year  already but at the same time have met some good people who believe in me, through my writing. So to me that is good luck.


So can you still be successful and have bad luck.?

Categorically YES!

  1. If you haven’t heard from someone for a long time and you feel they are avoiding you, then make the first move to say “Hi and how are you?” by text, email or even giving them a call. If they don’t answer don’t be disheartened and you have done your bit so you have left it up to them
  2. Not able to find something in your work area. Have a clear out and make it a ritual or new habit to clear and tidy work area before and at the end of each day
  3. Lost paper work on the computer, write it down aswell so you have the meeting notes or  document details to hand aswell
  4. Dropped your phone but now not working and need it for business purposes. Go to a telephone shop a legitimate one to fix it, and have a landline telephone aswell as back up
  5. Make up has come off and going out for the evening. Take a small bag with reinforcements of make up in handbag and use a good primer as this will help your make up to stay on
  6. Feel like someone is not pulling their wait and feel weary of using them to help you in case they get it wrong? Have a kind word with them and explain or write clean cut notes for them to follow to get the thing you need doing, done correctly.
  7. Frightened of spilling something on you for a meeting and wearing white. Pack a spare shirt or bottoms to change into. Always a must being a parent.
  8. You didn’t get paid the correct amount at work. Chase it up with the HR Manager for example for them to sort it out and keep on at them
  9. Public transport is playing up again. Give yourself extra time and pre-check traffic news in advanced so you can be prepared
  10. Traffic has come to a standstill. Again prepare the night before and in the morning, give yourself extra time and get anything done the night before completed

So I do wish you every success in your life and many thanks for reading my blogs and liking them and remember to follow me to keep up to date with all my posts on this site


Carrie X