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Hi everyone I am writing today about Building Success through a blog. I have been writing blogs for about 12 years now and I absolutely love it and enjoy creating content for you to read.

You can do it as a living which is what I am building up to do, so I have an income coming in via my blogposts.

It isn’t an easy task, but from my learning and understanding once you start it is hard to stop.

I have written my Newsletter blog talking about The Do’s and Don’t when building a blog, which I have added into a cheat sheet below: https://newsletterthoughtsandadvicefortheweek.blogspot.com/2020/04/the-dos-and-dont-when-building-blog.html

I have created a couple of cheat sheets to help you with writing a successful blog (see below):

Cheat Sheet on writing a blog

cheat sheet on the dos and don’ts when writing a blogpost

The one thing I would say is ignore the doubters, as long you believe in your blogpost and writing engaging content then keep going.

Don’t be put off if you don’t get an audience at first, because it does take time. Also remember to use Keywords.

You can build success through a blog by being consistent and if you take a break then do let your audience know.

Find your niche which for me I found through working in customer service, discovering people like Tony Robbins and Mel Robbins, Oprah Winfrey and Youtubers like Louise Pentland, Rebecca Meldrum, Mimi and Alex Ikon, Kate Murnane and Fleur De Force.

Check out this video by Tony Robbins talking about:

How To Eliminate Self-Doubt and Develop IRONCLAD CONFIDENCE

Be productive, which I talk a lot about on this site, because the more productive you are the more blogs you can write. Make sure for example you have clear space to work on and remember quality is better than quantity, just batch writing I find has helped me stay on track, as now I write practically everyday.

Make it a habit that before or after you have finished your blogwriting you tidy your area ready for the next day.

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Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X