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When we feel low we can often feel like we can accomplish nothing, and “what is the point?” Then a song comes on the radio, and often it is one going on my own experience, one that I haven’t heard for a while but love, and it’s like it speaks to you, and suddenly you feel like “You can take on the world today”. That’s empowerment.

It can happen anywhere and can be anything. When we see people running and we haven’t done any exercise for a bit or we read a story in the newspaper of someone who had lost everything and had to start again, then rebuilt their life and now living the life they had always wanted, making us feel “Well if they did it so can I”. That’s empowerment.

Creating more empowerment into your life can get you out of feeling like there is no point to life and can make you take action to have more.

Here are 6 tips of how to Create empowerment into your life:

  • Build the love: Last week I shared wrote a blog called, We should love more/A lesson for us all #truelove because part of building success in your life to have the life you want, is to build relationships with those around you. I have learned a lot from my husband and he did sweep me off my feet and it made me see that I can create a life for myself. I hadn’t found what I wanted in London so I moved away and found it unplanned as I moved for career ambitions too and there he was
  • Confidence Boosters: Can be anything or anyone. When talking to a girl I had been working with, turned around and said to me “You have a lot going for you” It made me realise I did. Not being big-headed, but sometimes we often don’t see what we already got that can give us confidence. I was doing well in the job I was doing, achieving goals and getting good feedback from my Managers so I did have the confidence there just didn’t always see it
  • Practice gratitude: Following on from confidence boosters, but to create empowerment we do need to look at what we already have and got in our lives that is good. What you enjoy/ What makes you laugh? Who do you want to see that would create more happiness in your life? What are you thankful for?
  • Give to others: Taking on the Great North Run was the biggest thing apart from getting married and having a son, I had ever done in my life. I never thought in a million years that I would have ever had done that…but I did. I wanted to raise money for the National Autistic Society because one of my mum’s friends had a son with Autism and was having a real tough time. This also follows on from “Build the love” because to receive love we do have to give it and to give it those who do need it the most and making a difference to other peoples lives, doing something you would never have dream of, whatever it may be is the most empowering thing you can do.
  • Build your knowledge: Learning about food when I decided to change my diet because I had put on weight really changed my association with food. I had, had an eating disorder and would feel guilty often when eating, but educating myself of what the body needs and what makes you happy, but healthy has made a huge difference. I don’t feel so guilty anymore and eat because I love the food, and it was interesting to learn what can really help with mood, gives you clearer skin and stops those belly aches and bloating. Learning a new skill or something that will enhance your mind and your wellbeing, can you empower you for more
  • Have a vision: I am one for goal setting. My husband is too, but he will see it as just a necessity but for me it is more than that. Often it is a life change to help me feel good about myself and build better relationships with those around me. My husband who I do admire so much, one the reasons I fell in love with him, was because when he sets his mind on something he will go for it, and do it. Example he wanted to learn to drive. He did, he wasn’t like me who often has so many different things I wish to do, but he had one vision in his mind, and he did his lessons never cancelled, passed his theory, first time and took his test twice, passing on the second time. Create a vision, a goal or a focus, Plan how you are going to do it in your head or in your mind, take action and go for it.


I love being empowered and as I often do live my life through music, it is often a song, but has been a magazine article, a Youtube video or a TV program, but as said it can be anything. It’s whatever gives you that boost that you can do anything once you have your mind set.

Never feel you should hold back, and always believe in yourself.

Please let me know what empowers you and has helped you create success in your life? I love hearing from other people so please share. You can leave a comment below.

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Carrie X

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