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If you read my blog on my website page:


You would have seen my brief mention of change of career.

I am soon to be a Nursery Practitioner or Nursery Assistant, and I knew exactly that, that was going to be my new career, I had, had enough of working in a call centre, and wanted a change.

It has been a challenge looking after my son, but now he soon to start school I didn’t want to stop looking after children and wanted to work either in a playgroup setting or nursery, as it is so rewarding to help children develop as they go through their early stages of life.

I am at the mind set now that I have go for what I want, rather then settling for any kind of job, that will do. I have had enough of that.

I know it will be challenging, as I am going to be responsible for other peoples children, but I am looking forward to the change and the challenge.

I have gotten in the living the moment, rather than daydreaming of being in a different place, and wishing I was doing something else, rather than living for each day.

Now I am in that mindset, I do feel life is working out better and don’t feel like I am stuck in a rut.

So go for your dreams and what you want to do, not for what you have to do.

Everybody has the right to live their dream so go for it, and never be afraid of set backs, just keep following you heart and you will get to the destination you have dreamed of.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X