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So if you didn’t know I have been doing monthly challenges, January was no spend, February was finding good deals on items I needed and March was decluttering and for April I have challenged myself to finish another book I have been writing.

I want it to be finished by end of April,

March’s challenge really helped me to see what I had and I will need to clear out more of my wardrobe as I have items that no longer fit and I just written a blog on my Versatile fashion blog about this: https://carriesversatilefashion.com

For the challenge I did for February a video talking about it and how it has helped me and will be doing this challenge again. It so good to let things go and want to do more.

See video below:

My tips would be to choose certain areas which you can break down and do it step by step. So I did my sons pants and sock draw, then next day I cleared my sons draw where his night clothes are, rather than doing it all at once and once my son’s draws were cleared and then started on mine.

It so good to start a fresh and want a new wardrobe I have decided and will do it as part of my 2023 Project, my Life coaching programme I have done the last to years and because these blogs have been liked, helps me to see that my content when doing this is helping and want to do more.

I hope you have a good Easter and there is more content to come and so please if you are new you can follow (subscribe) and so whenever I post a blog you will be notified.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X