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I just had some lunch and popped out to get it and it was a wrap and a ring donut. I feel as a write this that I feel I have to justify in my head as to why I did that, when I have had type 2 diabetes, and say the famous words I answer in my head, “I don’t do this all the time” and I don’t.

Photo by Katya Wolf on Pexels.com

I have had to manage my diet but if there is something I fancy then I let myself have that item and I do feel happy in having that treat. I like healthy food and the wrap I had was Chicken Caesar, and is my favourite food at the moment from Tescos. Of course not going to do this every day as it can be expensive because I could actually make my own, and perhaps that is what I am going to do, but we are allowed to have what makes us happy. I know if I had this all the time I’d get sick of it and am trying to stir myself away from eating too much chocolate, but if I deprive myself the more I want that item. It doesn’t have to be food, but is an example of having something you enjoy and doing something different in the week.

I know too much TV is bad, but I don’t watch a lot of TV again to me its a treat and I have to have some time away from my laptop, and nice to sit on the sofa rather than on my computer chair and going to make time in the afternoons and mornings to do a bit of reading, aswell as reading in the evening before I got to bed, and it really helps to manage my mind and my feelings.

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The weekends I like to eat out on some weeks and in a cafe in a local park and mainly lunchtimes or go to a coffee shop, as my son loves them and likes to have a glass of cold milk and biscuit or if we have had a small lunch then will have an ice cream after dinner. During the week we don’t but at the weekend, because I spend the weekends with my son and not always I the week, I like to have fun with him aswell as doing some learning and encourage my son to eating healthy food, and can be enjoyable to, and a tip: teach your kids to cook .

Life is about living and we do like to go for walks, and visit a show and just spend that time doing different things that we don’t always get to do in the week.

It is good to have things to look forward and have fun. I don’t always want to have a coffee out, because I like making my coffee myself and can be expensive, but I am looking forward when the weather starts to get warmer having an iced coffee as I really enjoy them and buy the ones that you can get at the supermarket, aswell as from a coffee shop, and having a drink in a pub sitting by the river. I think I added this to my Newsletter for March and love going up to central London to have a drink watching the world go by.

Life can be boring if you do the same thing each day, and so it is good to have some down time, not having to go by a certain schedule but taking in life and its glory. I know life is hard at the moment and people are counting every penny, but you can still have a coffee, take a flask out with you and I like doing that having a reusable coffee cup drinking it whilst sitting reading a book in the park, with a packed lunch and just enjoying the sunshine. If you don’t have a blanket, use a duvet cover or a towel and make yourself a picnic, invite a friend to join you and have them bring some food or drink. Meet up and buy a coffee and a sandwich, and just having that time for yourself and others forgetting the errands and the chores and worry of money, and have some interaction seeing friends that you don’t get to see a lot of the time.

When it comes to finding books I go to charity shops most of the time and if you visit London, under Waterloo Bridge they have book stalls and for really good low prices and can find some real good books. I love reading in the park and why not have your kids read with you or have a outdoors book club and meet talking and having a picnic anything that is not what you always do and spending time with friends, can make a world of difference if you don’t get to do this on a regular basis.

Life can be chaotic and so doing the things you enjoy can help to recharge your mind and body ready to return to things you don’t enjoy but has to be done.

Thank you for the likes and the follows it really means the world, and soon it will be my Life Coaching Programme, 2023 Project, and will begin on the 1st of May to the end of June and so more content to come, and have a better year than the last.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X