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Watching Match of the day this morning, which is a programme showing the soccer matches played at the weekend, it made me think about accepting defeat as in football someone has to win or lose, with the occasional draw, and how it feels when you have tried so hard but it leads to negative results and can be gut wrenching if you support a team. My team is Chelsea, and would often go and watch them with my mum, and sitting in a rainy stadium and losing can be like “Why did we bother?”. Of course it was up to us to book tickets but if it something you do each weekend and where you can forget other things in life, it can be a great way to spend the afternoon at the weekend, but hoping for a win is essential and part of playing in such a sport.

Photo by Mizuno K on Pexels.com

In thinking about this, so do we. We want to have a brilliant half term without tears and tantrums, like I have been trying this Easter holidays and we want to be able to reach those targets we have set ourselves, and goals. Life is full of ups and downs, and as you grow from my own perspective it is about learning to be more resilient and not allowing hurdles affect us from getting a win.

It does take reputation and going through what is working and what it is not. Giving yourself extra time to manage the losses in our lives to turn them into a win.

When I write a blog I hope to get a good response and receive likes and helps me to see what topics you like and find helpful, and for you to have wins and when we feel defeated.

I have been in tears when England Soccer team has lost and was how I fell in love with the game, in 1994 when England lost to what was West Germany and then became obsessed with the sport and would also watch a Rugby League team called the London Broncos and would go to every game and it was great time of my life, but getting slaughtered was not nice, but never really got sad because I still loved the atmosphere and enjoyed the people I went with, but when they got to the Challenge Cup Final which is a yearly tournament I cried due to following them for so long and was the first time we had gotten to the final and so was an amazing occasion. We lost in the final but it was still a great day and you need defeat in order to improve. When I applied to work at a Holiday Camp the first time I applied I didn’t get passed the interview stage, so applied the following year and was successful and taught me to never give up.

It is all about practice and learning from others and building our skills and knowledge to get better at something. I couldn’t ride a bike but then using one of my friends bikes and used stabilizers I kept trying and finally developed the skill and became natural skill in the end. Things take time, and for me I like to take baby steps, because when I jump in to quickly is when it can cause me to not want to continue. I do believe that people have natural abilities, like I always had a natural ability when playing sports and I am good at remembering numbers, like my passcode on my phone and telephone numbers, etc and dancing. I have a talked about that a lot, and I made mistakes and went wrong in one of my exams I took and eventually won the cup which I had hoped to have done, the cup for the highest marks and so glad that I made mistakes as you need to to get better at something to gain those wins in your life.

I not always been a good loser and would get very grumpy about it and been jealous of other success, but you need people to do better than you, and have experience so you can pick these skills up yourself.

My son at the moment is having issues with someone scoring a goal, when we play football, but I am teaching him about being fare and not getting upset because it will help him develop his skills and Sir Alex Ferguson who was the manager for Manchester United, he had defeats and then became one of the most successful football managers of all time and eventually won trophies and that is the other thing is, to have a good team of people around to help with defeat to winning and develop the players skills and knowledge and get better with each match they play.

Never see it as failure but building your knowledge and understanding.

Have a great rest of the Easter Holidays. My son today is at a children’s holiday club and I am planning my Life coaching programmes coming up my 2023 Project and my Summer Project 2023. These will happen in May, June, and July and August.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X