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So if you didn’t know I have been doing monthly challenges, and this is from last year and has really helped shape my life and get my life back on track, and make choices of what really matters to me right now, and what has no purpose anymore. It has helped me manage my money by not avoiding it and manage my spending and saving it, to invest in the things that are truly important to me, such as my son, travel and essentials like certain toiletries and skincare and not spending on what I don’t need, and if I can’t afford it then I don’t buy it, and pay off my debt, which is my credit card and my aim is to be debt free, like many people.

It has made me see that having so much stuff isn’t important its having essentials like food, drink and having a roof over my head.

When we have so much stuff we can get lost amongst it and feel overcrowded. It can make you feel like there is nothing else and feel good in buying another notebook when it can damage my bank balance and add to the clutter, rather than having purpose.

I use my notebooks to journal and notes, so they have a purpose but what I’d like to do, is what Terri Savelle Foy talked about have it all in one place, so this year once I need a new planner, as I follow the academic year, so from July to June, I am going to use what I have got into planners, like my Filofax, which are good, the only thing with that is they can get bulky, so going to use OneNote to plan along with using my Filofax, and notebooks I have got going to use these as journals as I like to keep this separate.from planing and for helping write my books.

When it comes to clutter you do have to be tough with yourself and so I will watch decluttering videos to get motivation and if you can have someone to help then do so, because I get protective over my stuff which influence me in not wanting to declutter but I know at the same time it has to be done.

This also means sorting my laptop and online programmes, like now as I continue to write this blog, spent time sorting out my Pinterest, and something I like to do, to update and share more content and having organized boards. You can check out my Pinterest via this link if you’d like to have a browse:

It is good to sort my life and I did write a blog on my google blog: https://organize4thebetter.blogspot.com/

Please check my new Video showing the declutter I have been doing and hope you get inspired and declutter we can enjoy the spring and feel fresh and new.

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Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X