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Hello and welcome and thank you for the continued support on this blog. I today uploaded my first video on my March challenge which is to declutter for an entire month to get some order in terms of clothes and areas of my bedroom that continues to be cluttered.

Check out my video here: https://youtu.be/djrCPs1JTFQ

My enthusiasm is not good. I want to be “Yeah lets this decluttering done” and then I pick up my camera to film and see my battery needs charging and sigh with relief. I know I will get more of it done, its for me not being a natural declutterer, not naturally an enjoyable task but I know it needs to be done and who else is going to do it?

I do watch youtube to get inspired and been watching the programme on BBC 1, Sort your life out with Stacey Solomon but I have to really kick myself up the bum to get it done. Sorry for the rhyme, but How many people can identify with that?

Please help me Mary Poppins, check out my previous blog I do not want to declutter and its only the beginning

I want to be excited but I am not but seeing the untidiness behind me I just got up and tidied this space but its my workout clothes as I was running again, but looked at it and asked “Do I plan to run tomorrow, this week? I want to but whether I do is another story. I will see, but for now as I am not running so put the items away hanging up in my wardrobe in my bedroom, and if I do run this week, I have hung it together can take out easily and put it on.

I have begun and inventory list of what I have got, this is in terms on food, clothes, toiletries and skin care and going though what still to be used and got plenty of. This is to make sure I use what I have got before buying any more, and seeing I have enough and that actually gives me comfort.

So once my camera battery is charged will be filming more and doing a bit more each day. I have to do it a bit at a time because if try and do all in one go, will make me avoid it, so lets do this together and if you have any decluttering tips please share I am welcome to suggestions, and you can leave a comment below.

Many thanks for watching,

Carrie X