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I at the moment I have a stinking cold and when I feel like this I find it hard to stay positive because all I want to do is hide away and hibernate until it goes. Some people hate the word, because some say that “It’s not easy to stay positive all of the time”, and I do believe that this is true, because life takes over, and as much as I’d like to stay in bed all day, going on how I feel at the moment know I have responsibilities that need care. I don’t want to be grumpy when looking after my son, because it can really affect him, and so it is putting brave face on and getting on with whatever needs must. When it comes to positivity it is not all about smiling but being content and right now as I write this blog I am in my nightwear, and is making me feel a lot better.

Our bodies need fuel and so when you have a comfy dinner or a room that you can just chill can help with mood and so that is the good side of the positivity and why it is good, because it gets in touch that we need some love care and attention. We should be able to do that and look after our wellbeing. Having a hot bath or a hot drink can do wonders, so looking after yourself is for me positive but not the cringing kind, such as “Smile everyday, you’ve got this”. When I am feeling like death that is the last thing I want.

There are positive outcomes, whereby you’ve had a bad day so far, but when your spouse hands you a glass of wine can be just the ticket someone needs for a smile, but when they are beaming, “How was your day?” with a massive grin it can be like “I love you but honestly not what a I need, I will get my own glass of wine”.

When I try this with my son Henry, no glass of wine involved, in case you got confused there, being excited to see him after school and how his days been, he is like “No no, let me watch my tablet” and I try again, and which I get pushed away, until he wants to play rugby or football, and then I am like “No it’s okay” I say being full of cold, but then see he won’t give in until I get up off the sofa, and see that being super positive is not needed, but being present is, so we don’t all need to be positive but happy with the simplest of things. It is all about balance and finding what makes you feel like the weight of your shoulders and have someone to share responsibilities with, can help too.

Caring is sharing and so it depends on the time of day and what has happened each day that can be positive or negative. Everyday is new and so if you feel like its time for an early night that will help you feel better, then do it. Sometimes rather then being sprung on my a cheerful maniac a cup of tea and a packet of biscuits is all one needs to be positive, so tell me what you think do you think is Positivity good or bad? You can leave a comment below.

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Carrie X

Typical London Gal