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Thank you once again for all of your support and checking out my blogs. So it is now coming up to another year but it doesn’t mean we can’t make changes in our life now.It is about progress, and it isn’t about getting everything so perfect that I often have to remind myself of that, but have a life that makes you smile rather then feel down.

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Yes I have had a mental health illness but doesn’t mean my life has to be at a stand still, it means it gives me more fight in me too build my life and continue following my dreams. There is still so much I want to do. I have been meaning to take my son to another football match as he loves sport and has been on my list for ages and this weekend we did just that and wanted to take Henry to another Pantomimes and this year he is going to see two.

Life should be full of dreams and making the most out of each season, and have a life full of joy, and things to look back on and everlasting and be able to pass them on as each generation comes into the world and everyone deserves a life they love.

Begin by keeping a journal of your thoughts and getting your dreams out on a paper and go through the things you want. some may not have been a sort of person who ever wanted something, like a lady called Baroness Karen Brady, but looking and viewing herself, she must have done but subconsciously she must have done to be as successful and I can’t imagine how she got so far by not, and she ran football clubs and so she must wanted good things at the clubs she worked for to get where she is.

You do have to take on challenges, like I was in a hospital to help my mental health illness I had and helped me get back on my feet again and was challenging but was good to have that space and time to make sense of life again, and can’t wait to take on more. I really get a boost of setting myself challenges each year and now my challenge is to find outside work to expand myself even more and help with my writing and understanding more about people and want to help others with mental health problems and help build other children’s life and set a good example for my son, for him to be the best person he could be, and follow his dreams he has.

If he does find that he wants to play football or rugby then I going to look for him to join a team, or a club. Kids do change their mind I did a lot, of what I wanted to do in my life.I do believe in having eggs in different baskets and do many different things and so far accomplished them. I wanted to sort my room out in the week just gone and I did. I did a total reset and it feel so good to have a room with no clutter. I felt I needed to do it and it can make my life feel chaotic which I want to avoid.

The next thing is to sort my hair out so if I do work outside I want neat and tidy hair and be a manageable length.

So lets keep building our lives and enjoy our lives through each season whether it not in the new year. We can set our goals whenever we want.

I’d like to know what you want out of life now and what your ambitions and dreams you have. You can leave a comment below.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Typical London Gal.