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So I said in my last newsletter that I would be putting up some days in a life and gift guides but I need to put my hands up “I am behind” and do this to myself a lot. I try to do some many things and so once again I rein myself in and think right what can I get done that will make less for tomorrow?

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Since school half term which was two weeks ago it has been tricky to get bits for my blogs and videos been difficult but do what I can. I continue writing this blog on a Saturday night, and supposed to be my night off, but wanted to write this blog because I write a lot of blogs on having a better wellbeing, and show I am a real person and not always ahead of myself, as much as I try to be and because I know for my wellbeing I need to slow down.

I have been doing a course about mental health and it that is has taken a lot of my time, but wanted to do it to help me go to where I want to be and that is to help others with managing their mental health, but nearly completed and this week going to do all I can to get back to working on my book Mum&me and have more day in a life videos to publish as I love doing documenting my life and something I can look back on and if they really help just a few people then that is my goal and keep my energy levels high to keep on creating items for my blogs, books and videos.

I also been looking for outside work hence why I have been doing some courses, and be in healthcare or in a educational setting.

When I get behind it helps me to focus on focusing on one thing and having a cup of tea and a coffee in the morning really helps along with having something I can jot things down on, even when I go out, as ideas of content usually comes to me when outdoors along with listening to podcasts and music.

The other things I have started to do organize what I am going to wear each week on a Sunday and wear all of my clothes I have, I have started to go through my finances and manage my money again and have no spend days and use what I have got and not started other things until I have gotten a few the main things I need to get done completed first. To manage my life and you may feel the same is when I prioritize and like this week get my training course done and today now being Sunday finishing this blog and last night when I couldn’t sleep is create a filming schedule and what videos I want to film and upload.

Have patience with yourself and know that you will finish tasks and break it down. I did this last night and created a list of things I want to complete and where resetting really helps and so do this each Sunday, which is today finishing this blog and Monday’s and get back on track and continue growing my life, my blogs and my videos.

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Carrie X

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